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Sunday, 2019-05-26, 4:18 PM

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Forgotten Warrior  is a fun, family oriented Ultima Online freeshard. Kids are welcome if properly supervised. Except for occasional, monitored events, we are a PVP shard. You will find our staff to be friendly and professional.
We are fortunate to have many custom things in Forgotten Warrior. These include items, monsters, quests, with more being added all the time. The player starts with 2 skills at 50%  choosing those 2 skills when creating the character, and the other 2 at 70% after entering the server.
Information :
Skillcaps                   1500 ( 15 gm skills )
Statscaps                   300 ( ex :. 120 str /100 int /80dex )
Easy/medium Shard and skill gains
AFK macroing allowed
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